May 5, 2015

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April 22, 2015 by Rob DeWalt  
April 8, 2015 by Joey Peters  
April 8, 2015 by Alex De Vore  
April 15, 2015 by Rob DeWalt  
April 15, 2015 by SFR  

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Rating Teachers

State Public Education Department says local teachers earned better marks in this year's evaluations

Local News Teachers in Santa Fe Public Schools performed better in a statewide evaluation system this year than last. That is, if the results can be trusted.The New Mexico Public Education Department on May 4 is ... More

May 05, 2015 by Julie Ann Grimm

Mother Tongue | The Time-Space Continuum I: RECESSion

Mother Tongue When the afternoon exodus at my son’s elementary school ejects Theo, 7, he drops his backpack and runs off to play so quickly I wonder whether he notices I’m there to pick him up. This is okay because sometimes, running l ... More

May 05, 2015 By Lauren Whitehurst

Morning Word: PNM's Coal Agreement Isn't Final

Power plan opponents say it shouldn't be considered by PRC commissioners

Morning Word Renewable energy advocates contend PNM missed its deadline to secure a formal coal supply contract and that an informal agreement shouldn't be considered by commissioners before they vote on the utility's power replacement ... More

May 05, 2015 by Peter St. Cyr

Eyes on the Sky

View of the stars is a New Mexican natural resource

Features Most of the time when someone in New Mexico talks about star power, they are referring to Hollywood celebs making an appearance for a fundraiser or getting spotted at a local burrito joint.
... More

April 29, 2015 by Julie Ann Grimm

Fan Man

Local promoter Jamie Lenfestey joins ABQ nonprofit AMP Concerts

Music Features Jamie Lenfestey, the promoter behind some of the biggest shows in recent memory, might be done with the local music scene. ... More

April 29, 2015 by Alex De Vore

Sworn to Secrecy

Want to know who’s applying to be a cannabis grower? Officials won’t tell

Local News They may be used to shuffling reams of patient paperwork, but it’s likely nothing has prepared New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program managers for the scores of new producer license applications that are due to hit their desks this week.
... More

April 29, 2015 by Peter St. Cyr

Low Flow

Feds expect a tough year in getting Rio Grande water to cities,endangered fish and farmers

Local News It’s safe to say that the mood among many Western water managers is grim.
... More

April 29, 2015 by Laura Paskus

Your Home Bar Part 1:Bar Tools

Kiss My Glass As you pack away the snow shovels and sweep the patio for summer entertaining, it’s also time to prepare your home bar. ... More

April 29, 2015 by Natalie Bovis

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Café Café introduces Infierno, a concept redo with late-night dining

Food Writing “¡Vete al infierno!” is probably not something you want to hear when you ask someone where to go to dinner in Santa Fe, but if you tell me to “go to hell” in this non-English fashion, and I end up at Infierno instead, yay me. ... More

April 29, 2015 by Rob DeWalt

Domina Effect

Enter the uniquely titillating world of Zircus Erotique

Arts Valve Even away from the lights of the stage, the feathers, the pasties and the catcalls, Mena Domina exudes seductiveness.
... More

April 29, 2015 by Enrique Limón

Picture Perfect

NMMA showcases the works of Gay Block

Picks Lauded for showcasing the intricacies of personal identity, Santa Fe resident Gay Block is looking forward to To Feel Less Alone, a solo exhibit debuting this Friday at the New Mexico Museum of Art.
... More

April 29, 2015 by Enrique Limón

Orgy of Cannabis Capitalism

Born Here “So really, to you,” I suggested, “this is just a business expo like any other…” He smiled congenially and chuckled at the notion. With his polo shirt and khaki slacks, the security consultant seemed out of place at the High Times Cannabis ... More

April 29, 2015 by Miljen Aljinovic

3 Questions

with Nicholas Sabato

3 Questions Nicholas Sabato is the executive artistic director of Santa Fe Performing Arts and the director of their new play, Foster.
... More

April 29, 2015 by Red Cell

Lotsa Water on Water Street

City workers blame 'old' valve for eruption that shoots bricks into the air

Local News Ironically, a water line at the intersection of Water Street and Galisteo Street burst early this afternoon, flooding the lower half of Galisteo. (Insert drought joke here.)  ... More

April 30, 2015 by Zoe Baillargeon

Christus St. Vincent Administration Won't Participate in Study Committee

The committee's purpose was to bring the community together about the impact of healthcare reform

Local News Administrators with Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center have declined to participate in a study group established by city councilors last year whose purpose is to bring the community together to talk about the delivery of healthcare services by Northern New Mexico's largest hospital in a changing healthcare landscape.
... More

April 30, 2015 by Justin Horwath

Saving the World with Quips and Explosions

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' isn't just more shit for assholes*

Yay Age of Ultron does what the smarter Marvel movies do: It drops the audience into the action at the top, gets them locked in to thrills and chills, and then worries about the story later. ... More

April 29, 2015 by David Riedel

Adult but Not Grown Up

Nick Kroll tackles family comedy and drama in 'Adult Beginners'

Ok It seems the big comedy trope these days is the screw-up-makes-good comedy, and now Nick Kroll is getting in on it. ... More

April 29, 2015 by David Riedel

Street View


Street View Send shots to or share with #SFRStreetview for a chance to win free movie passes to the CCA Cinematheque. ... More

April 28, 2015 by SFR

7 Days


7 Days Been under a rock for the last week? Here's what you missed. SFR's 7 Days is your one-stop shop for all the news that happens in and around Northern New Mexico. ... More

April 29, 2015 by SFR

Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor Mail letters to PO Box 2306, Santa Fe, NM 87504, deliver to 132 E Marcy St., or email them to Letters (no more than 200 words) should refer to specific articles in the Reporter. Letters will be edited for space and clarity. ... More

April 29, 2015 by SFR



Eavesdropper Send your Overheard in Santa Fe tidbits to:
... More

April 29, 2015 by SFR