May 5, 2015

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SFR Restaurant Guide: Food Carts & Cheap Eats


October 16, 2012, 12:00 am


Looking for cheap and mobile food in Santa Fe? Find it here.

What:        Abo’s Caribbean Kitchen
Why:         Huge plates of Caribbean specialties for $10 and under
Where:     515 Cerrillos Road, 316-6499,

What:        Baja Tacos
Why:         Cheap tacos from a bona fide taco stand
Where:     2621 Cerrillos Road, 471-8762

What:        Chicago Dog Express
Why:         Gourmet hot dogs & great breakfast burritos
Where:     600 Cerrillos Road, 984-2798

What:        Los Dogos
Why:         These late-night hot dogs draw a crowd
Where:     3985 Cerrillos Road, 455-6147

What:        Dr. Field Goods
Why:         Inventive, affordable, organically local fare
Where:     350 block of Galisteo St., 670-6101,

What:        El Molero Fajitas
Why:         Plaza cred: they’ve been there for years
Where:     Corner of Lincoln Avenue and East San Francisco St.

What:        Le Pod
Why:         For the freshly made lunchtime crepes
Where:     502 Old Santa Fe Trail, 501-0069,

What:        Slurp
Why:         Fresh soup and awesome homemade bread
Where:     444 Galisteo St., Facebook

What:        TaquerÍa La Chabelita II
Why:         Freshly made lunchtime crêpes
Where:     4434 Airport Road

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