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Summer Guide 2013

93 Days of Summer; 93 Ways to Enjoy Them

June 11, 2013, 12:00 am

Here at SFR, we love summer.
The endless daylight makes us feel like 11-hour workdays are totally normal; the sunshine gives our pale, computer-tethered faces the barest hint of health; and iced coffee offers a welcome change of pace. This year, in fact, we got so excited about summer that we counted the days. There are 93, which means 93 opportunities for day trips, hikes, swimming, flying, eating, drinking and lounging in the sun. And just in case 93 ideas for living summer to the fullest don’t immediately come to mind, we’ve made you a handy list of the 93 don’t-miss summertime activities. Follow this guide, and we guarantee that from Friday, June 21 until Saturday, Sept. 21, you’ll have the best Santa Fe summer of your life. How’s that for results?
—Alexa Schirtzinger

1. Become an oenophile

Mia Rose Carbone
Oenophile (n.)—a lover or connoisseur of wine. You can become that and much more right here in New Mexico, the oldest wine-growing region in the country (!), according to the New Mexico Wine Growers Association. The Santa Fe Wine Festival (July 6-7, $13) offers an excellent opportunity to try a variety of local wares; if you want even more variety, don’t miss the 25th annual New Mexico Wine Festival in Bernalillo (Aug. 31-Sept. 2, $12). You can also sample wines right here in downtown Santa Fe, where local vineyard Vino del Corazón (235 Don Gaspar Ave., Ste. 6, 216-9469) offers tastings ($10 for four sips and a snack) Tuesdays-Sundays. New to the process? Co-owner Erica Hart will happily instruct you in the subtleties of swishing that wine around in your glass like a pro. (Alexa Schirtzinger)


2. Munch on tamales and Coke

From Acequia Madre, the shaded road that runs along Santa Fe’s mother ditch, turn up Camino Don Miguel, and treat yourself to a Mexican Coca-Cola and a “world famous tamale” at Johnnie’s Cash Store (420 Camino Don Miguel)—don’t forget the cash. (Mia Rose Carbone)


3. Make it a day at the museum

You could spend many a hot summer day in any of Santa Fe’s museums. Some local favorites to start with: New Mexico Museum of Art (107 W Palace Ave., 476-5074); Museum of International Folk Art (706 Camino Lejo, 476-1200); Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (710 Camino Lejo, 476-1250); and Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (108 Cathedral Place, 983-8900). (MRC)


4. Go rafting! (or something like that)

OK, yes, there’s a horrendous drought happening right now. But (at least up here in northern New Mexico) that doesn’t mean the entire river has run dry; quite the opposite. Low water offers its own variety of sport, often in the form of inflatable kayaks and—get this—stand-up paddleboarding. Embudo-based New Mexico River Adventures (800-983-7756) bills itself as the state’s first stand-up paddleboarding outfitter and offers beginner trips starting at $90 for a half-day. (AS)


5. Try the world’s hottest green chile (or convince your friends to)

Warning: Don’t do this too early in the summer, because it may be the best laugh you’ll have all season. Take an out-of-towner (or, if you’re a tourist, take your significant other) to Horseman’s Haven (4354 Cerrillos Road, 471-5420) and give them a taste of the highest-level (or second-highest, or third) of green chile on the menu. You’ll see what I mean. (MRC)


6. Stargaze

We desert dwellers are fortunate to have such a clear, star-smattered sky. The Santa Fe Community College Planetarium  brings you that much closer to touching those mysterious and distant suns and planets. (MRC)


7. Take yourself out to the ballgame

Alexa Schirtzinger

If you read SFR, you know that Santa Fe’s indie-league baseball team, the Fuego, last year gained the dubious honor of having the worst record in the lowest-ranking professional league in the country. That hardly makes the games less fun; Fort Marcy Park’s hometown feel, surprisingly great snacks and icy local beers make it the perfect weeknight outing for you and 25 of your best friends. For a home game schedule, visit (AS)


8. Learn something new

The Santa Fe Institute (1399 Hyde Park Road, 984-8800) is a nonprofit research center where scholars from around the world come to collaborate on projects spanning a broad spectrum of disciplines. Visit to explore projects, programs and, best of all, the calendar of free public lectures. (MRC)


9. Open up to art

On any given Friday evening, at least one of the 100-plus galleries along historic Canyon Road plays host to an art opening and reception. Dress up for the evening; mingle with artists, art collectors and art connoisseurs; and—who knows?—maybe buy a work of art. (MRC)


10. Birdwatch

At the very top of Canyon Road—beyond the galleries, across Camino Cabra and up the hill, where the road turns dusty—is the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary (1800 Upper Canyon Road, 983-4609). Occupying 135 acres of forest and river-basin land, the Audubon Center is a sanctuary for local wildlife. Open Monday-Saturday, the sanctuary is a breathtaking place to head for a hike, to spot local birds or to sit in the beautiful garden of the historic Randall Davey home. (MRC)

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