--2 UPDATED :: DP Repeal not on Governor's desk yet, but calls are *3-1* for abolition
Aug. 22, 2017

UPDATED :: DP Repeal not on Governor's desk yet, but calls are *3-1* for abolition

March 15, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff
UPDATE :Werd is that while phone messages are largely from constituents supporting the appeal, the 5-1 ratio narrows when looking at emails....However, all in all, 3-1 in favor of repeal with public comments topping 3,000.

Update: Once again, I'm clarifying the situation with the bill.

Last night, several news stations ran excerpts from an interview with Gov. Bill Richardson about his internal conflict over HB 285, the bill to repeal the death penalty, which has now passed both houses.

Most news sources are reporting that Richardson has received the bill and has until Wednesday to act on the bill. This is incorrect. Richardson has 72 hours from the moment his office receives the bill, but the bill is still in the legislature.

As of 1pm, the bill had been signed by the officers of the House and sent to the Senate for the same. Once the officers of the Senate sign the bill, it will be sent to the House then up to the governor's office. If that happens today, then Richardson would have 72 hours from 12:01 a.m. Monday (since Sundays don't count) to act...meaning 12:01am Thursday.

We're told by legislative staffers that the governor has been known to play for time by locking up shop.

The governor can or sign or veto the bill. He could also choose not to sign it, which is called a "pocket veto."

Richardson has indicated that he will need every last second to make his decision.

So, again. He has 72 hours from when he gets it, which could be today...but since today is Sunday, the clock would start ticking at 12:01am.


The receptionist in the governor's office is dutifully listening to each and every message left for Richardson on speakerphone. She is chk-chking the pro-repeal and anti-repeal. As of 10:30am, there were five lines of repeal supporters for every line of repeal opponents.


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