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Aug. 20, 2017

Santa Fe contributes to the White House's Christmas tree

November 16, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff
IMG_1808The White House's Christmas tree—aka the Blue Room Christmas tree—is a big deal. Pretty much anything in the White House is a big deal, including that Obama guy. This year, the tree is a quite symmetrical Douglas Fir from Shepherdstown, West Virginia (see article here), and will be presented to the White House on Nov. 27 by the National Christmas Tree Association.

This year, Santa Fe's own Girls, Inc. has been invited to make New Mexico-themed ornaments to hang on the tree. The national office of Girls, Inc. was asked to choose organizations to be featured, and Santa Fe's Girls, Inc. chapter was one of two chosen out of 93 national groups.

In a refreshing break from Santa Fe's oft lauded yet sometimes overblown fine art scene, Girls, Inc. invited Santa Fe's young girls to create 20 ornaments to ship off to Washington. The girls were assigned themes for their ornaments, all of which had to do with New Mexico, of course. Themes included the Palace of the Governors, White Sands and the Very Large Array, to name a few. Above is the Rosewell ornament by Aaleaha Anaya, age 6 (who made it with Breanna Palmer, not pictured here; below the jump, see Breanna with the other side of the ornament).

None of the ornaments are likely to cause the controversy that Seattle artist Deborah Lawrence caused with her swirly ball last year (it featured hypnotic spirals around the face of democtratic Washington representative Jim McDermott, who was an advocate for Bush's impeachment, and the words "Impeach Bush;" it was banned from the Bush White House's "Red, White and Blue Christmas"-themed tree), unless the Obamas (or the powers that be) decide that pagan festivals centered around burning puppets are too un-PC for DC.

By the way, snopes.com debunked the rumor that the White House's trees will be called "Holiday Trees" and that religious-themed ornaments would not be allowed. It just ain't true, people.

Below the jump are more images courtesy Girls, Inc.

SC & FASH09 363

Abigail Sharpless, age 9, covers her Carlsbad Caverns ornament with decoupage glue.


Very Large Array ornament by Mishanne Trujillo, age 10, and Adriana Mendoza Ortiz, age 9


Palace of the Governors ornament by Gabriella Gallegos, age 8, and Marie Watson, age 10


The other side of the Roswell ornament with Breanna Palmer, age 10 (made with Aaleaha Anaya, pictured above)

SC & FASH09 403

Lamy Train ornament by Sadie New, age 7

SC & FASH09 379

White Sands ornament by Isia Gonzales, age 6

SC & FASH09 380

San Ildefonso Pueblo ornament by Kiana Martinez, age 7

SC & FASH09 397

Santa Fe Plaza/downtown ornament by Amy Chavez, age 10



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