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Dec. 4, 2016

Video Library Gets New Lease (On Life)

December 7, 2009, 12:00 am
By Rani Molla
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Fear not, fans of the Video Library, the downtown staple is here to stay—just displaced a few blocks over in the Harvey Building at 839 Paseo de Peralta, in the Travel Bug and Mucho Gusto complex. The new space has 90 unassigned parking spaces, a luxury unknown to the Video Library's current location.

The Video Library's owner, Lisa Harris, was told last month that after 21 years in its Marcy Street location, Video Library would have to move by the end of January. The news sent Harris searching for a new, affordable location.

video library"We have gotten an astounding  amount of support from our customers," Harris tells SFR. She says that many of her customers suggested locations to move and even went as far as to offer her help moving.

Harris was also inundated with requests that the Video Library stay downtown. "I didn't realize how many people  are strictly on foot or bike and wouldn't have been able to follow us far away," Harris says.

In a world of Netflix and Redboxes, Video Library's popularity and very existence are a sort of enigma. According to Harris, "A lot of people still like to have human interactions." She also says Video Library's collection has kept it popular—"the unusualness of choices as opposed to just the standard top 20."

Of the new lease, Harris tells SFR: "It was at least priced at a point we could stay downtown."

Harris says she and her employees plan to wait until approximately Jan. 10 to begin the move, which she estimates will take two to three days.


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