--2 "London" is our second-favorite child's name
Aug. 23, 2017

"London" is our second-favorite child's name

December 8, 2009, 12:00 am
By SFR Staff
Rob-Wilder-orig-lOver at theawl.com, SFR columnist Rob Wilder has been named the site's second-favorite parenting columnist for his work on Daddy Needs a Drink.

What an honor, right? Well, the writer of the blog post, from Dec. 8, 2009, got totally hung up on the name of Wilder's son, London. The commenters follow suit.

BoHan: I doubt London ever has eaten macaroni & cheese.
rj77: Well, he had some goat cheese from the farmers' market over some gluten-free pasta...

Dude, that Santa Fe-style mac and cheese sounds amazing! Who are these people kidding?

The blog references a Morning News article that references the "small but hardy" Santa Fe Reporter as a "paper that mattered" in 2009.

The MN's intro reads thusly: "This year, I want to pay homage to what I've seen—the papers that too often go unrecognized by the Pulitzer Prize committee, Romenesko, Gawker, and you. These are the papers that defy boundaries, the internet, and, oft times, common reason. Some are cellulose-based, or not; the medium is no longer the message. But one thing's for certain: These papers mattered in 2009, and through a combination of gumption, gusto, and hard-headed lunacy, they prevailed."

Aw, shucks, guys.


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