May 4, 2016

Seeds of Change

Art exhibit at the Roundhouse invites a conversation about our use, and abuse, of the land

Art Features For many years, Bobbe Besold has photographed the hands of farmers, often those she met at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, in or near their stands of produce and between customers, their fingers draped over carrots or cupping pints of berries. ... More

May 04, 2016 by Elizabeth Miller

SFR Picks: Leave Room for Inspiration

With nigh unbelievable range, a singer like Alicia Olatuja stands head and shoulders above

Picks In every generation, there are a mere handful of truly standout female vocalists. New York’s Alicia Olatuja, 29, is one such singer. ... More

May 04, 2016 by Alex De Vore

3 Questions

with David Tardy

3 Questions David Tardy, native New Yorker, composer and broadcaster, is the center of Warehouse 21’s teen tornado.
... More

May 04, 2016 by Cybele Mayes-Osterman


Why the hell isn’t Colossal Swan Dive your favorite local band yet?

Music Features Music aimed at younger people is very important to me as both a writer and as a citizen of a town that sometimes puts that concept on the back burner.
... More

April 27, 2016 by Alex De Vore

This Weekend

In 3-D!

Weekend Picks Comedy con Camille, music in 3D, Yankees and Rebs, big-top dreams. ... More

April 29, 2016 by SFR

Wild at Heart

Glass artists take every shape

Art Features Standing in front of the giant gas-powered furnaces, the heat is oppressive; it’s just shy of pain. Large metal rods lay in wait, partially inside the cooking monstrosities, flames licking out from the front.
... More

April 27, 2016 by Ben Kendall

SFR Picks: Visionary

The 6th Annual Outdoor Vision Fest changes how we think about art

Picks To think that we once lived in a pointless world where almost all art would sit motionlessly on some stupid blank wall, no audio component whatsoever, almost as if it were mocking us for standing there and staring silently back.
... More

April 27, 2016 by Alex De Vore

SFR Picks: Big Fun

Gag us with a spoon … we like it

Picks Much of the popularity of 1988’s dark comedy cult hit Heathers is in its universally relatable themes. High school sucks (or sucked) for a lot of us. ... More

April 20, 2016 by Alex De Vore

The Gateless Gate

Local author Natalie Goldberg talks about Zen and mortality in her new book

Art Features When writer Natalie Goldberg was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to write about her life and how she lived instead of dwelling on her illness. ... More

April 11, 2016 by Anna Mae Kersey
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Morning Word: Martinez Administration Claims Fair Pay Act Exemption

Morning Word Two New Mexico Corrections Department employees are suing the state after discovering they make less than their male co-workers. ... More

May 03, 2016 by Peter St. Cyr


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