April 18, 2014


The indispensable award-winning guide to dining in Santa Fe

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Highway to Bell

You can now first meal it at Taco Bell

Food Writing Did you hear? Taco Bell has a new breakfast menu. ... More

April 15, 2014 by Enrique Limón 0 Comments

The Food Chain: Link V

Where do your favorite chefs eat when they’re not in the kitchen?

Food Writing Three out of four chefs recommend dining at Tomasita’s to get a taste of Santa Fe’s true regional flavor. Who doesn’t? Read on. ... More

March 31, 2014 by Allison Muss 0 Comments

Krazy for Kale

Meet your new best friend—with benefits

Food Writing Kale has become the health food du jour. Get a kale fix at a number of local eateries. ... More

April 07, 2014 by Julie Ann Grimm 0 Comments

Pizza Party!

DeVargas pizzeria keeps it local, fresh

Food Writing Newsflash: There is no shortage of pizza joints in Santa Fe. That being said, with so many options to salivate over, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there.
... More

March 18, 2014 by JP Stupfel 0 Comments

Powered by Chilindrina

Break the snack norm at Refresquería Las Delicias

Food Writing Halfway down Airport a veritable oasis of all things Mexi snack foods, beckons. ... More

March 25, 2014 by Enrique Limón 0 Comments

Knockout Lunch

Chef aims to make SF kids healthier one bite at a time

Food Writing "Never trust a skinny chef,” the old adage goes, but in the case of Marc DeGiovanni, an exception should be made. As the head of local catering company Delunchous, DeGiovanni has one mission: to “tantalize the palate” of Santa Fe’s children via nutritious and mindful school lunches made from scratch. ... More

March 12, 2014 by Enrique Limón 0 Comments

Shaken. Stirred. Slurped.

Life is hard; reward yourself

Food Writing Friends, you must reward yourself for jumping over everyday hurdles. My favorite urban reward comes in the form of a simple, affordable milkshake. ... More

Feb. 26, 2014 by Julie Ann Grimm 0 Comments

The Food Chain–Link 4

Where do your favorite chefs eat when they’re not in the kitchen?

Food Writing Last we left the Chain, Martín Rios, now a James Beard Award semifinalist for the best chef of the Southwest, sang the praises of Andiamo! So far, we’ve showcased 12 local chefs talking about their favorite SF eateries. Here are four more to add to the mix. ... More

March 04, 2014 by Alisson Muss 0 Comments


Where to go for food that puts you in the mood

Food Writing Mexican seafood is amazing in general. And as far as aphrodisiacs go, oysters are a tried and true classic. Casanova, the infamous 18 th century lover, supposedly ate 50 of them every morning. ... More

Feb. 12, 2014 by Zoe Haskell 0 Comments

Oh, Thank Haven

Southside eatery goes for gold and takes it to the next level

Food Writing The area hosts a platter of mom and pop restaurants, casual dining chains, food trucks and gems like Horseman’s Haven Café (4354 Cerrillos Road, 471-5420)—an unassuming temple to New Mexico’s culinary landscape housed next to a filling station. ... More

Jan. 29, 2014 by Enrique Limón 0 Comments

High and Dry

Jerking it at the Cheeks parking lot

Food Writing Santa Fe’s pleasure trifecta—otherwise known as the strip mall in the 2800 block of Cerrillos Road—that houses Cheeks, The Locker Room Sports Bar and Arcade News, recently got a little more gangster and a lot more delicious thanks to the arrival of Ortega’s Jerky. ... More

Feb. 19, 2014 by Enrique Limón 0 Comments

The Food Chain: Link 3

Where do your favorite chefs eat when they’re not in the kitchen?

Food Writing Available since the 1800s, tapas will probably be around for centuries to come. But that may not be the case for “fine dining.” According to Caruso, “The trend of fine dining has died.” He continues, “In most cases, the food doesn’t live up to the white linen table cloth. ... More

Feb. 05, 2014 by Allison Muss 0 Comments

Izanami Very Much

Reach culinary Zen at 10K Waves

Food Writing There has always been something a little bit strange about Ten Thousand Waves (3451 Hyde Park Road, 428-6390). When my family comes to visit, I like to take them there. ... More

Jan. 22, 2014 by Sophie Engel 0 Comments