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So You Want to be a (Legal) Drug Dealer?

Here’s how to navigate the system

March 16, 2011, 5:00 am

New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program—four years old this July—has been called the most restrictive medical marijuana program in the nation. Despite its slow start, though, New Mexico’s program has continued to grow. Last December, the New Mexico Department of Health approved eight new nonprofit producers of medical marijuana, bringing the total to 25. As of Feb. 16, the program had served just less than 4,000 total patients, with 1,605 licensed to grow their own pot. 

But one of the program’s perennial problems, according to patients, is the dearth of high-quality, reliably available medical marijuana—and that’s where you come in. 

In the interest of keeping this program lively and effective, SFR has produced a guide to navigating the complexities of New Mexico’s medical cannabis program—and avoiding any pitfalls that will keep you from becoming the next big (legal) dealer in town.

Medical Marijuana New Mexico


03.26.2011 at 09:17 | Reply |

The New Mexico program has also been called "schoolmarmish" for good reason. The state's arbitrary, uninformed (and downright silly) restrictions on the number of plants in all stages of development that growers can possess dooms the program to failure. And fail it is.

New Mexico has the climate, the culture and the history that should make it the preeminent medical marijuana-producing state in the country. Instead, its program is a moldy dime bag (that costs patients $400/oz for that same bag).

Where are the small government-supporting, personal freedom-loving, free enterprise-insuring supporters of science, common sense and compassion? Certainly not in the NM Republican Party.