Santa Fe Reporter - Picks <![CDATA[SFR Picks | In Dreams - Haley Bonar writes the songs]]>
By: Alex De Vore, Maria Egolf-Romero, Kim Jones
Minnesota-based songsmith Haley Bonar takes another stab at pretty pop-rock numbers with her newest effort, Impossible Dream.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks | Making Spirits Bright - Create your own gifts this year]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero
Black Friday is hell for most. This year, thankfully, there is a more creative and comfortable option.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Fresh Experience - New artists bring innovation to their graduating exhibit]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
The Fall Senior Graduating Exhibition at the Institute of American Indian Arts is the culmination of years of the featured students’ lives. The celebratory event displays the works of emerging sculptors and narrative painters ready to infuse the ar]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Hysteria Ensues - Comedy from the big city comes to Santa Fe]]>
By: Alex De Vore, Maria Egolf-Romero
Maxwell Lucas has been trying to gain a foothold for standup comedy for a couple years now with his ongoing events, The Lulz Comedy Show.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Birthday Suit Bold - Two artists aim for empowerment]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
For Anna Yarrow, the upcoming show ANNA—a namesake for the artist, but also a reference to the Arabic word anna, which means “I am”— is about empowerment.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Dream Team - Get your dance on]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
Kevin Barnes likes to dance. And the frontman for indie-pop band of Montreal’s kinetic affinity is extra present in the hip-shaking beats and ethereal melodic progressions on their newest effort, Innocence Reaches.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: All Grown Up - SF Botanical Garden reveals stunning second phase]]>
By: Julie Ann Grimm, Alex De Vore, Maria Egolf-Romero
Santa Fe gets compared to other Southwestern cities in more ways than many of us find comfortable. But we know that when it comes to our scorecard of cultural amenities, we earn well-deserved top rankings.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Adventures Across Time - The incredible true story of one woman’s quest for love]]>
By: Alex De Vore, Maria Egolf-Romero
As the warm outdoor season comes to a close into Santa Fe, a performance about an expedition across the steamy Amazon resulting in death, disease and a lone survivor is sure to satisfy anyone’s itch for adventure.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: You Say You Want a Revolution - ]]>
By: Alex De Vore, Maria Egolf-Romero
You may have already read this week’s cover story, wherein we learn that the small but dedicated Teatro Paraguas is on a mission to examine social issues and the underserved through the power of theater.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: It’s Lit - Eight weeks of local art]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
The Santa Fe Art Project is a multi-faceted, eight-week-long exhibition and collaborative effort between emerging and established local artists and curators split into two-week sections.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: So Long Sweet Studio - Ron Pokrasso is letting everyone take home a piece of the secrets of Timberwick Studios]]>
By: Elizabeth Miller, Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
Neighboring states, Arizona, Colorado and Utah have significantly fewer unemployeed workers.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Existential Medicine - “Chimneys fall and lovers blaze/Thought that I was young”]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
The best thing about a good song is that it can be heartbroken with you, and musician Neko Case makes those kinds of songs; the ones that haunt you so much that they become your go-to for a bad day or a particularly brutal hangover.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Musical Empathy - Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey rewrites the book on jazz]]>
By: Alex De Vore
For the last five years, pianist Brian Haas has quietly lived in Santa Fe. To most people, he’s just a guy, but to fans of psychedelic jazz and experimental music the world over, he’s a founding member of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: A Bookworm’s Hero - Fantastical paintings inspire literary forays]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
Mary Alayne Thomas is a champion of books—like, the ones with turnable pages and bound spines. And her upcoming solo exhibit is all about spurring her audience to grab a book. ]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Reclamation Song - Performing Inuit identity]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero
Tanya Tagaq is an Inuit rock star, in that she brings her traditional sound into contemporary time. She combines musical traditions from her Inuit identity with methods and melodies from punk and metal, creating a species of sound all her own. ]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Re-Conceptions - Redefining fashion and curation with Frank Rose]]>
By: Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
Curation is a creative process which attempts to communicate an idea or emote a feeling through a body of work.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Synecdoche/Santa Fe - The mind’s a stage for Jared Weiss]]>
By: Jordan Eddy, Alex De Vore, Andrew Koss, Maria Egolf-Romero
Think of Jared Weiss’ paintings as a vast stage on a fault line. The set is based largely on the American Midwest, the cast is comprised of the artist’s Santa Fe friends, and the script features contributions from a trio of famous psychoanalysts.]]>
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Still Nash - The “Sane One” comes to town]]>
By: Andrew Koss, Maria Egolf-Romero, Alex De Vore
Graham Nash sets out to mark a milestone in his life with his new album, This Path Tonight. At 74 years old, the rock legend ventures into fresh musical and personal territory. “My life has changed completely,” he tells SFR.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: Really Good Bad, Bad Things - The Pillowman promises just the right speed of torture]]>
By: Elizabeth Miller, Alex De Vore, Andrew Koss, Maria Egolf-Romero
Years ago, friends of mine went to see a production of The Pillowman and returned raving about it, but also looking a little battle-scarred, as though the shape of their nightmares had forever shifted.
<![CDATA[SFR Picks: The Man Comes Around - And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder]]>
By: Alex De Vore, Andrew Koss, Maria Egolf-Romero
Santa Fe is no stranger to the cover or tribute band. Hell, it’s one of our favorite things. Enter San Diego, California’s Cash’d Out, one of the most noteworthy and professionally executed tribute bands on earth.]]>